At Garden Veterinary Group we recommend you bring your pet in for a general health check-up at least once a year. It’s part of your responsibility as a pet owner and our responsibility as pet health professionals to work together to make sure your pet is living life to the full!


My pet seems fine – why take it to the vet?

When your animal is sick or injured, your vet will be focusing on one area of treatment. General check-ups, on the other hand, give your vet the opportunity to give your pet a full assessment from top to tail. These assessments are looking more at prevention than cure, and provide the opportunity to flag any underlying problems that can be treated before they worsen and long before they cause your pet any distress.

What can I expect from a general check-up at Garden Veterinary Group?

As well as giving your animal a through medical examination, we will chat with you about any concerns or queries you have, any behavioural changes you may have observed, and anything else about your pet’s quality of life that you’d like to discuss. We have in-house facilities for blood testing, such as biochemistry, haematology, electrolytes, PCV and in-house SNAP tests.

I can’t get my nervous dog through the door of the vet’s! What should I do?

You can help prepare smaller dogs for an appointment by practising lifting them onto a table at home, where they are in a familiar environment, with lots of treats on hand. Larger dogs will always be examined on the floor. You can even carry out a mock examination, checking their ears, eyes, mouth and feet, again with treats or toys on standby. Pets pick up on their owner’s anxiety so prepare for the appointment by making sure you arrive in good time and have any relevant health records with you. Ideally, take another person with you – they can sit in the car with your dog until the vet is ready for the appointment, and return to the car afterwards while you arrange follow-up appointments. Taking your dog for walks before and after vet’s appointments could also help your pet develop positive associations with the experience.

How do I order more medication for my pet?

If you are registered with us and your pet has been seen by us within the last 3 month, you can order repeat medication without an additional appointment. You can order via phone or via