Meet Our Team

Garden Veterinary Group has been serving the community since 1963. Today our busy practices in Chippenham and Corsham offer the highest quality care for companion animals.

Our Veterinary Surgeons

Jane from Garden Vets with golden dog

Jane Lovelock

Clinical Director and Veterinary Surgeon

Jane started working at the practice in 2000 as a Saturday Kennel Assistant before heading to University in 2004 and qualifying as a vet in 2009. Jane returned to us as a vet in 2010 and became Clinical Director in 2019. Jane’s special interests include small animal medicine, imaging and endocrine (hormonal) disorders. Jane has completed a Certificate in Small Animal Medicine. Her favourite part of the job is continuity of care, following a case through and seeing them get better. Jane has a tabby cat at home called Taz to keep her occupied when she’s not at the practice.
Liz from Garden Vets

Liz Perrott

Veterinary Surgeon

Liz qualified from Edinburgh University in 2003 and came to work with us in 2005. Alongside Liz’s veterinary degree, she also holds a Certificate in Small Animal Surgery. Liz has a particular interest in orthopaedic surgery but does enjoy all aspects of operating. Liz also has a particular interest in the medical management of orthopaedic problems and medical and surgical management of wounds. Liz also has a special interest in palliative care and pain management. There’s not a lot Liz isn’t interested in!! She can be found in the practice on a Monday and Thursday. Liz’s favourite part of the job is working with long term clients and finding practical solutions to their pet’s needs. She also loves meeting new puppies and kittens for the first time! At home, Liz has a gorgeous Labrador called Jasmine, a golden oldie cat called Thunder, who is 15 years young and her new kitten Sparkle.

Rachel Franks

Veterinary Surgeon

Rachel qualified as a vet in 2003 from Cambridge. She started working here in 2007 as a small and large animal vet. Rachel's special interests include surgery and cardiology. Rachel has undertaken many additional qualifications on top of her Master’s degree in Biological Anthropology. She has completed a Certificate in Dairy Cattle Practice and a Certificate in Emergency Medicine and Surgery. Rachel's favourite part of the job is seeing animals go home once they are better.

Laura Newton

Veterinary Surgeon

Laura qualified in 2006 and started working for us in 2016. Laura has a special interest in dentistry treatment. Alongside her Veterinary degree, Laura also has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Laura's favourite part of the job is building relationships clients and their pets. At home Laura is kept occupied with her family and beautiful black cat Florence, who she adopted as a stray.
Jess from Garden Vets with black and white dog

Jess Barratt

Veterinary Surgeon

Jess qualified in 2014 after completing many of her training placements with us and has been working with us as since 2017. Her main interests are feline medicine, dentistry, diabetes management and oncology. Jess is a mentor to the vet students that visit us on training placements. Jess loves the huge variety and unpredictability from day to day. At home Jess has her family and Springer Spaniel Bruce to keep her occupied!

Lucy Sprackman

Veterinary Surgeon

Lucy graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2013 and started working at Garden Vets in 2021. She enjoys the variety of working in small animal practice but also has a particular interest in Dermatology and is completing an advanced practice certificate in this area.
Outside of work Lucy likes to keep active and enjoy the great outdoors with swimming and yoga being amongst her favourite activities. She is very much looking forward to meeting you and your pets.

Rowena Hallam

Veterinary Surgeon

Bio pending

Ana Rasteiro

Veterinary Surgeon

Ana Mafalda graduated with an Integrated Master’s degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Lisbon, Portugal. After some time working in a research laboratory, she moved to the UK where she undertook a position in a rural mixed practice for a year treating both small and farm animals, and has since been focusing on small animals. She joined Garden Vets in 2021. Ana enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, but has a special interest in preventative medicine, dermatology, and clinical pathology in general. Ana’s most rewarding part of the job is caring for all patients and making them feel better, as well as building good rapports with their owners. She feels very lucky to be able to cuddle pets every day!

Harriet Clowes

Veterinary Surgeon

Harriet qualified as a veterinary surgeon in July 2019 and came to join us at Garden Veterinary Group straight after. Harriet enjoys all aspects of first opinion practice but has a special interest in neurology. Harriet also really enjoys all aspects of surgery. Harriet’s favourite part of the job is working with owners to ensure the lives of their pets are happy, healthy and as pain free as possible. Of course, Harriet also loves being able to cuddle animals every single day! At home, Harriet has two beautiful Belgian Shepherd dogs called Lily and Hebe.

Katherine Williamson

Veterinary Surgeon

Katherine graduated from the University of Nottingham Vet School in 2021 and has subsequently joined the team here at Garden vets. Her favourite part of the job is meeting with all our owners and learning what makes each patient so special to their family. Katherine has a special interest in imaging and internal medicine and is hoping to undertake a certificate of advanced practice in the future. She re-homed a (very handsome) black Labrador named Dexter while at University and they go on hiking and camping adventures whenever they can!

Our Veterinary Nurses

Rebecca Brown

Head Veterinary Nurse

Rebecca has been working with us since 2003 and qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2013. Rebecca is head of our veterinary nursing team so she is responsible for doing our nurses rotas and managing the whole team. Rebecca really enjoys prep and theatre nursing as well as monitoring anaesthetics. Rebecca is a clinical coach meaning she is a mentor for a student veterinary nurse and helps out with all aspects of their training. Rebecca's favourite part of the job is seeing poorly animals make a full recovery and knowing that she was a helping hand in that recovery. At home Rebecca has Ringo the beautiful grey tabby cat and Daffodil and Daisy the hamsters.

Amy Hamilton

Deputy Head Veterinary Nurse

Amy started working at the practice as a Student Nurse and Qualified in 2017 with a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Nursing. Her interests include in-patient care, feline and rabbit medicine and managing diabetic patients. Amy is one of our Cat Friendly Advocates after completing the ISFM Feline Friendly Professional course and an ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing, making her our resident 'cat whisperer'! Amy is also a clinical coach and enjoys training student nurses. Her favourite part of the job is that every day is different and she loves creating a bond with the patients. At home she has her two cats that she homed from the practice, Molly and Marie.

Bryony Lawrence

Deputy Head Veterinary Nurse

Bryony qualified with a Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing in 2016 and started working here in 2018. Her special interests include laboratory work, running puppy classes, critical care and emergency patients and inpatient care. Bryony is a clinical coach and helps to train the student nurses. She also has a Certificate in Oral Care and is working towards a Certificate in Wound Management. Her favourite part of the job is watching the pets grow and develop over their lives and making a difference where she can. Bryony has many pets! Doris the pug, Margaret and Wilson the cats and a Horsefield tortoise called Glen.

Joanna Pointon

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Jo started off at Garden Veterinary Group with 10 weeks work experience and working towards qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse in 2008. She works mainly in the kennels, looking after our in-patients during their stay. She is joined at home by a miniature poodle called Esther, a few chickens and four guinea pigs.

Lyndsey Salter

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Lyndsey started working here in 2003 and qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2007. Lyndsey's main passions at work include anaesthesia and surgical nursing as well a nurse clinics. She really enjoys making sure her patients anaesthetic goes smoothly and her patients are stress free from induction to recovery. Lyndsey can often be seen consulting as she likes making a bond with her clients and patients. She says the best part of the job is seeing a pet go home healthy, to happy owners. Lyndsey has two beautiful cats at home called Howie (looking rather handsome in her picture!) and Poppy, both whom she rescued as kittens from here.
Katie from Garden Vets with white and tabby cat

Katie Matthews

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Katie qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Veterinary Nursing and Practice Management. She started working here with us in 2017. Katie loves all aspects of veterinary nursing but particularly enjoys emergency and critical care. She likes assisting with lifesaving treatment and nursing critically ill animals back to health. She finds this a very rewarding aspect of the job.
Alisha from Garden Vets with golden dog

Alisha Oliver

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Alisha started working for the practice in 2012 as a Kennel Assistant, training through the ranks to become qualified in 2019. Her interests at work include hand rearing neonatal patients and in-patient care. Alisha also brings with her a NVQ in Equine Care. Her favourite part of the job is the satisfaction of seeing a patient get better. Alisha has a fair few pets at home, many of them scaly! These include Ivy the Golden Retriever who she hand reared, PJ the cat, Boris the Python, Rosa and Charles the Egg Eating snakes and Betty and Bennie the Sand Boas.
Carina and her boxer dog

Carina Hopkins

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Carina started working for us as a Kennel Assistant back in 2014 and started her Veterinary Nursing Training in April 2018, building on top of her Foundation Degree in Animal Science. Carina qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in January 2021. Her interests at work include wound care and a now not so secret love of guinea pigs! Carina’s favourite part of the job is getting to work with so many different animals and working within a brilliant team. At the moment Carina doesn’t have any pets but does get to spend most of her spare time with family and friend’s pets.

Abbey Vincent

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Abbey started at Garden Veterinary Group in 2016 as one of our Receptionists but started her Veterinary Nurse Training in January 2017, qualifying in March 2021. Her special interests so far are wound and post-operative care but would like to explore nurse clinics more. Additional qualifications that Abbey brings to the table are a Diploma in Animal Management and a Business and Administration Qualification. Abbey’s favourite part of the job is dealing with each individual animal and their care. At home, Abbey is joined by Douglas the dog and Cassy the cat.

Katie Ellis

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Katie is a BSc (hons) registered veterinary nurse. She qualified in June 2020 and began working at Garden Vets in November 2020.
Her key interest are neonatal care and special needs patients, which she hopes to explore further her career in. Her favourite part of the job is following a patient through their time in practice and seeing them go home happy and healthy.

Dale Stokes

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Bio pending

Steph Elmer

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Steph qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in January 2020 and joined our team in April 2022. Steph's special interests at work are laboratory work and inpatient care. Steph likes to regularly update her knowledge of anaesthesia, so she can always provide the best possible care for her patients. Steph's favourite part of the job is seeing the improvement in the patients' health and their personalities return. The lovely old Vizsla in the photo is her family dog, Lilly. Steph lives with our Vet Katherine so gets to enjoy spending time with Katherine's handsome Labrador Dexter!

Alice McGrory

Student Veterinary Nurse

Alice started working with us in October 2020 as an Animal Care Assistant. Alice's favourite part of the job is cuddling the animals! She also likes helping to look after wildlife when it comes in. Alice started her student nurse training in January 2022. She has an axolotl called Fishcake, a royal python called Monty, many fish (favourite is a fancy goldfish called Benny), and a Shetland pony called Eddie. Outside of work she likes to ride, garden, and care for her pets (very time consuming!).

Riana Curnock

Student Veterinary Nurse

Bio pending

Rebekah Needham

Locum Registered Veterinary Nurse

Becky qualified as an Equine Veterinary Nurse in 2016 from Hartpury University. She spent 5 years working in an Equine Veterinary hospital before coming to us as a small animal nurse in 2021. Becky now works mainly fully time on her farm at home but still works a few shifts with us when she can so you may see her from time to time!

Our Receptionists and Support Team

Chris Jones

Managing Director

Chris started out as our Practice Manager in August 2016 but became our Managing Director in 2019. His job is very varied, he deals with the smallest things to the biggest, from choosing which dishwasher salt is best to organising the company's finances.


Head Receptionist

Julie started working with us in 2014 and has worked her way up to become head of our reception team. Julie loves the diversity of her job; no day is ever the same! She also really enjoys being at the front of the desk to welcome all pets, great and small! Julie loves guinea pigs and has a special interest in rescuing them. At home she currently has 3 guinea pigs, Holly, Nellie and Wilma. She also has a lovely dog called Frankie.



Bio pending



Bio pending


Receptionist/ Insurance

Katy has worked at Garden Veterinary Group since January 2018 and enjoys meeting lots of people and their pets. She also enjoys talking about animals all day and values being part of interesting and caring team.

Katy loves all animals, even the ones most people might be scared of. She particularly like vultures and supports their conservation. At home Katy has a lovely ginger tabby called Stevie.


Admin Receptionist



Bio pending


Corsham Receptionist

Debbie started working with us in 2017 and is based in our Corsham branch. Debbie loves getting to meet all the animals and clients, as well as working with a great team of veterinary surgeons and nurses. In her spare time, Debbie loves dog walking and riding her two horses. At home she has Dan the Border Collie, Diesel the Jack Russell, Mog the cat and Edna and Edith the chickens!


Corsham Receptionist

Dawn started working with us in the beginning of 2020 and is based in our Corsham branch. Dawn's favourite part of being a receptionist is getting to know our lovely clients and their pets. Outside of work, Dawn likes going on long walks with her son and geocaching. Dawn is also an assistant leader at her son's Scout group.


Corsham Receptionist

Charlotte has been a lover of animals from a young age, so being able to work alongside them every day for work, is a dream come true. Charlotte and her husband are the proud parents to a cat called Muffin who they rescued from the streets of Plymouth and the softest bunny rabbit called Tony. Charlotte is very happy to be working at Garden Vets in Corsham and looks forwards to being able to assist everyone on reception.