Initial consultation £36.99

Follow up consultation £34.99

Check up for repeat medication (ongoing condition) £31.99


Puppy 1st vaccination course (not including Kennel Cough) £54.99

Kitten 1st vaccination course £68.99

Kitten 1st vaccination course (not including Leukaemia) £49.99

Dog booster (not including Kennel Cough) £39.99

Cat booster £49.99

Cat booster (not including Leukaemia) £36.00

Rabbit vaccinations (RHD 1+2 and Myxomatosis) £54.00

Rabies vaccination £49.99

Kennel cough vaccination £39.99 (discount available if given at the same time as another vaccine)


Cat spay £63.99

Cat castrate £49.99

Rabbit spay £84.98

Rabbit castrate £64.99

For dog neutering prices please contact the practice as this varies due to weight.


Microchip £16.49

Written prescription £15.99

Written prescription for each additional drug £5.49

If your pet is unwell and requires treatment the cost will vary, but this will be discussed with you during your consultation.