Recent scientific research has shown that some topical flea products are contaminating U.K rivers, lakes and ponds. Studies have shown that high levels of the insecticide Fipronil has been found in England. Fipronil is the active ingredient in some cat and dog flea treatments, such as Frontline and Broadline. These studies have shown that Fipronil can be fatal for water insects and aquatic life. Some studies have suggested that up to 86% of topical treatments wash off in to household drainage and rivers, lakes or seas.

As we are committed to protecting the environment, we are recommending tablet flea and worming treatments. Tablet treatments are absorbed systemically (in the body) and cannot be washed off like topical treatments. Topical treatments are less likely to cause such a problem in cats (as they are less likely to go swimming or have a bath!!) so can be used if your cat does not tolerate tablet treatments. Our veterinary surgeons will always prescribe the most appropriate product for your pet.

We have tablet flea and worm treatments for your dog or cat available on our Pet Health Plan. Please ask our reception team for more details.